Arabic Calligraphy: An Ancient Art

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Amman, Jordan
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Join us in the heart of Jabal Amman in an authentic home turned into a place for creativity, art, and culture! A beautiful meditative experience hosted by the artist Amjad Al-Rantisi at “Beit Gioia” (Gioia’s Home). The experience will introduce participants to Arabic calligraphy and its historical

What you’re going to do

Every Saturday from 6 to 8 PM we, at Beit Gioia, host a calligraphy experience in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere for small groups led by our talented artist Amjad Al Rantisi. The experiences are conducted in Arabic but we also offer English based on demand.

The Arabic writing style is unlike that of English, so learning to write in Arabic can be a different artistic process. In this experience, you don’t necessarily need to have any knowledge in Arabic as our instructor adapts to each participant’s level and guides you to maximize your potential.

Participants will be introduced to various Arabic calligraphy scripts and will be provided with personalized, hands-on practice for most of this experience. There are 6 different types of calligraphy: Naskh, Reqaa, Dewani, Thuluth, Farisi, and Kufi. Participants start by learning the basic ‘Ruqaa’ method in the first class because it is the standard Calligraphy that is taught at elementary schools in most Arabic countries.

This experience provides all necessary equipment: bamboo ‘qualm’ (pen) and ink. You get to leave with a giveaway of your name beautifully written by our instructor!

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Amman, Jordan
From: JOD 0,00

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