As-Salt Full-Day Tour and Experiences

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Salt, Jordan
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About this activity

A day that starts with Manaqiesh and tea, will surely be a good day. But you’ll learn how to make the pastry, the zaatar, and the soap you’ll wash your hands with! After having made your own breakfast, and having made your first natural herbal soap bar, enjoy tasting the traditionally preserved food and pickles. But your day has only started 🙂

What you’re going to do

Experience a day of a traditional Jordanian Farmer, bake the bread, collect free-range eggs, chase the chicken that has run from you, milk the goat, feed the baby goat. And, way more fun than you may think: ride the tractor!

A day for the land, and a meal under the big old oak tree. Our experience includes a hike in the surrounding woods and water harvesting. Last, visit the one and only Kunafeh home, and cook your own piece on wood fire, with coffee, and an unforgettable sunset.

Seasonality: Our guests between March and August will learn how Jameed is made, you know Jameed! (dry yogurt for Mansef the traditional food of Jordan).

The experiences and activities that you’ll be doing:

1) Manaquiesh and Zaatar making
2) Organic soap making
3) Tractor tour
3) Beekeeping and honey harvesting

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Salt, Jordan
From: JOD 0,00

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