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Dating back to the second century AD, Jerash is a spectacularly well-preserved provincial Roman city that was unearthed as recently as the 1920s. The main ruins, lying west of the Zarqa River, include the colonnaded street, the south and north theaters, the Temple of Zeus, and an oval piazza. Jerash also contains 14 churches with fine mosaics from the Byzantine era. Jerash is north of Amman, about halfway between Irbid and the capital, and is billed as one of the nation’s top two attractions–the other being Petra.

Visites dans la ville

Wadi Rum – Amman

Wadi Rum Visitor Center, Wadi Rum Road, Wadi Rum Village, Jordan

Petra – Amman ( One Way )

Amman, Jordanie

Programme Jordanie 4 jours / 3 nuits 3 étoiles


Wadi Rum privé – Aqaba – Amman


Activités dans la ville

Pétra la nuit

Pétra, Jordanie

2024-04-24 03:07:42

Revue de plongée

Akaba, Jordanie

2024-04-24 03:07:42

Forfait 2 plongées bateau (1 jour)

Akaba, Jordanie

2024-04-24 03:07:42

Plongée à terre (1 plongée)

Akaba, Jordanie

2024-04-24 03:07:42

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City Spotlight: Jerash

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the ancient roman ruins of Jerash

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Akaba, Jordanie

Mövenpick Resort & Spa Mer Morte

Mer Morte, Jordanie

Crowne plaza 5*

Amman, Jordanie