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Jordan a destination of tantalizing desert, hills, the Red Sea, Dead Sea, historical with a strong culture with explosion of quality chain 5* hotels and qualify human resource emphasis that Jordan has the entire constituent to become a lucrative incentive travel destination.

Our continues development in information, technology, and creativity projected us in a position to provide an added values and unique benefits that achieve your customers satisfaction and go beyond their prospect and aspiration.

By dynamic and challenging requirements, with a very comprehensive package based on a high quality of services that managed & run by a highly experienced management & cable team of experts.

We served a variety of customers & interest demands, in terms of leisure travel, incentive travel, meeting & conferences, With much more

Always we are one step ahead, by our quality service, best rates, best attention, top VIP treatment We promise what can we achieve then our challenge to try to achieve more than what we have promised

Desert Camels

Day By Day incentive suggested program

Meet & Assist upon arrival:

A – Upon arrival, meet & assist by our JTT representative who will assist you through customs, then stop for wearing dress like T.E. Lawrence of Arabia and ladies with typical Jordanian scarf, met by typical Jordanian music and folklore dance Dabkeh with the Group Transfer will be by old common public coaches to the citadel hill welcoming Jordanian Folklore group to greeting the guests with magnificent view of the Roman amphitheater and the old town of Amman. Delicious goodnight at Hotel

B – Upon arrival young kids will be waiting & holding the huge welcome signs, after the kid’s finish shaking hands with the clients, Global Vision representatives will welcome the group & collect the passports in order to issue the entry visas. After crossing the customs, Global Vision guides will join the Group, Transfer will be by deluxe air – condition coaches to the Hotel, Classical band will be playing and the Group will receive flowers

And welcome drink, our Groups Coordinator, Manager and Hotel Management will host the Group for a cocktail reception.

C – Upon arrival our friendly and courteous Global Vision representative who will escort the group through all airport formalities will meet you. The group will then be taken aboard by deluxe air – condition coaches to the Hotel to a designated hotel, a welcome drink waits you then time to relax.

A – B – C –

Our staff will handle luggage, so the clients will not see them until they will be accommodated at their rooms

Day (1):  Day of arrival

Arrival to Amman International Airport.

Professional staff will meet & assist the group.

Board the buses & drive heading to your Hotel in the Dead Sea,

the Lowest  Point on Earth . The drive is going to take around 40 minutes.

Upon arrival to your Hotel

Private check in at hospitality desk

Welcome drink upon arrival to Hotel

Dinner & overnight at your Hotel of choice

Day (2): Jerash & the mosaic Cities

Full Buffet Breakfast at Hotel

Drive to Jerash for a nice tour of the north.

Lunch at local restaurant in Jerash .

Late in the day drive to Madaba & Mt. Nebo for visit. , the drive is going to take around one hour & half from Jerash .

Ahlan Wa Sahlan Drink !

Upon arrival to Madaba , enjoy a welcome drink at Haret Jdoudna restaurant , an old house turned into a nice restaurant. Enjoy drinking the pure Arabic coffee, tea with mint, juices while trying the Hubbly Bubbly.

Back to your Hotel down in the Dead Sea for a nice big night Dinner .

Dinner options:

Optional: BBQ Dinner on the Dead Sea shores  !

Arrive at the shores of the Dead Sea just in time for a refreshing dip in the buoyant waters as the sun goes down. When you emerge from this peaceful yet invigorating experience, you will be ready for an evening of Bedouin festivities. Our top chefs can prepare a traditional wedding feast, served on low Arabic tables, as you sit back on cushions and rugs, enjoying the sounds of Oud and Tablah musicians. Your palate will delight in the aroma of marinated chicken and meats sizzling on the barbecue, the colorful display of Arabic salads and appetizers waiting. Sip on fragrant cardamom-flavored coffee or sweet Arabic tea as you drift away into another world

Day (3): To the Rose Red City

Full Buffet Breakfast at Hotel

Board your bus & drive for the journey of your life , as you will be taken to the Mahata station (20 minutes from your Hotel in Amman) for nice ride by the historical steam train .

Take a trip aboard the century-old steam-powered Hijaz Railway. Inside the comfortably decorated train car, you will be swept back in time with the sounds of live musicians, sipping cocktails as you pass through the older neighborhoods of Amman.

Suddenly, the enjoyable mood is shattered as a gang of bandits on horseback rides up alongside the train. An unsuspecting guest is whisked away before anyone can stop the culprits and they disappear to their hideout.

The train stops. Investigations begin. A pleasant afternoon train ride has been transformed into a hair-raising event to which no one knows the outcome. The group debarks and joins local Bedouins in their tent to discuss a strategy for rescuing the kidnapped individuals over aromatic

Later in the day continue your journey to Jizza station where you will enjoy a nice cocktail reception, drinks, tea with mint, Hubbly Bubbly , Arabic sweets, Turkish delights

At Jizza the buses will be waiting to drive the group heading to visit the castle of Kerak the ancient walled city steeped in history, has been known by many names during its long and eminent past. Continue south to Petra , upon arrival to Petra  Hotel, check in on a private desk welcome drink .

Optional: Petra by Night :  we are going to let you feel the magic by touring the red rose city by night, enjoy a glass of Champaign or wine next to the Treasury,

Optional: Gala Dinner:

We are going to take you 1001 nights back in time!

Wondering what your Dinner is going to be like today : it’s going to be a 1001 Arabian Night at Taybat Zaman Hotel , Al Saraya ballroom will be transferred to sultan’s tent with Arabic style seating on the mattresses & low tables with brass, pottery & satin.  The staff will be dressed in one thousand & one night’s costumes.

While enjoying the sultan’s music the chefs will serve, the menu to your guests at their tables.

Overnight at your Hotel of choice in Petra

Day (4): Walk the steps of the Nabateans

Full Buffet Breakfast at Hotel

Jordan’s most exciting and adventurous travel experience for today is to the red rose city.  A trip to Petra hidden away in the encircling craggy rock mountains half as old as time, carved from living rock over 2,00 years ago by the Nabateans. Stop at Petra Forum Basin restaurant for a very nice Lunch between the mountains of Petra.

In the afternoon:

Proceed to Red Sea , the drive is going to take around one hour & half , upon arrival to Aqaba , check in your Hotel, welcome drink .

Free afternoon enjoying the sun & the beach in Aqaba

Optional: Sunset cocktail 

A sunset cocktail reception while cruising on the 5* yacht. For one hour & half . to include soft drinks & light canapés & the rental of the cruise .

Enjoy a free afternoon doing water sports & beach games.

Regular buffet Dinner at your Hotel.

Day (5) : From the Rose Red City to the Red Sea

Full Buffet Breakfast at Hotel

Free morning on the Red Sea , we can beach games, or treasure hunting.

Just when you think you have seen it all ! we are going to take you to the land of  the Lawrence of Arabia .

Regular buffet Lunch at Hotel

Ready for the journey of your life ??

Upon arrival to rum , Begin your journey through the desert Bedouin driven 4wd jeeps. Your safari will take you to several points of interest in the area, through win-sculpted mountains that open up into the Valley of the Crescent Moon to huge sand dunes and overhanging jagged crags of rock. Lawrence’s Well, which marks a natural fresh water spring is a must as is the Mountain of the Seven Pillars of Wisdom. 

Optional: Jalabiya night!  Gala Dinner

Take the jeeps again & drive to a last location, where everything will be pitch dark , they will walk thru candles , and suddenly the lights will go on and they will see a private big camp build especially for the group’s Dinner festival , there in the middle of the desert.  Settle down on carpets and pillows arranged under a traditional Bedouin tent and prepare for a night of lively traditional entertainment complete with Bedouin musicians, a belly dancer and a delicious buffet of authentic Arabic cuisine, from hot and cold mezzeh to a whole lamb roasting on a spit.

After this nice party with the Bedouin, you will be driven back to your Hotel in Aqaba for overnight

Day (6) : Day of Departure

Full Buffet Breakfast at Hotel

Board your buses & drive heading to Airport for departure.


The Train Ride

Take a journey in time on an authentic steam locomotive that still runs the historical Hijaz Railway, which dates back to the beginning of the century.  Complete with your company’s name printed on large banners all along the side of train, you are ready to go on your way! Sip a cocktail while enjoying the dramatic sites of the neighborhoods of the city.  Once out into the open desert, you suddenly notice a mob of bandits on horseback coming to attack the train.  After bringing the train to a stop, the culprits will kidnap a few of you.  While you wait for the hostages the rest of the group will be invited to join the bandits for coffee, tea and Arabic sweets.  Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you actually hear someone playing the piano…There, in the middle of the desert, will be a pianist playing the famous pieces from the epic movie “ Lawrence of Arabia”.

Dead Sea BBQ.

All the members of the group will be presented with traditional Bedouin Arabic dress to wear in the coach, Each Dishdash will have a personalized name in Arabic. On arrival camel will take the guests to a tent on the shores of the Dead Sea. Waiting for the spectacular red sunset to fall over the mountains of Israel, the group can experience the remarkable curative powers of the Sea. a barbeque will be served on the beach, with a whole lamb turning on the spit. Music and entertainment will accompany this most wonderful event.

Guests will then return to their coaches where they will find a bag of Dead Sea salt waiting for them on each seat.

Jerash and a picnic at Ajloun

You can almost still hear and feel the voices and presence of ancient Roman life.  Even after 2000 years the streets, colonnades, amphitheaters and buildings of Jerash are remarkably well preserved.  After spending a healthy morning walking through the ruins of Jerash, you will be ready to rest your feet and enjoy lunch at Aladin Ayyubi’s fortress, only about 20 mins. Away in the area of Ajloun.  Perched about 1,200m. above sea level, Qalaat-al-Rabad, the castle’s Arabic name, possesses a colourful history and a view that stretches from the Dead Sea to the Jordan Valley, the West Bank and Lake Tiberias.

Mt. Nebo and lunch on the cliffs of the Dead Sea

After a tour of the ruins and Monastery that houses the most magnificent Byantine mosaics, enjoy a refreshing drink before setting off for lunch.  High above the Dead Sea, you will be served lunch at one of the most picturesque panoramic views in Jordan, Relax on soft cushions under a Bedouin tent while being served shawerma and falafel, two favorites, freshly prepared at the site.

Over night in Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum, the “valley of the Moon”, as it has been called is unlike anywhere else you have ever spent the night.  Arrive at the village of Rum where you will be taken by Bedouin jeeps to the camp site surrounded by smaller camping tents that sleep two each, but who can think of sleeping! You never know what your evening has in store for you, maybe a traditional Bedouin wedding or a duo playing local Arabic songs.  Dinners will always be much awaited for event when it is the hotel catering.  Our specialty: a whole lamb on a spit, cooked to perfection in a roaring open fire.  And of course the traditional Arabic mezze made up of a large assortment of hot and cold salads will be spread before you.  We’ll even bring along our best bartender for your comfort.  Speaking of comfort, the hotel thinks of everything: portable toilets and showers complete with soap and towels.  Awake the next day to a breathtaking sunrise and a hearty breakfast prepared by our chefs.  The day is yours to choose whether you want to rock climb, treasure hunt, camel race or ride in a hot air balloon.


 We will transport you via modern flying carpet into the dark and barren desert where finally you notice lights and the strains of the Arab flute coming from a distant castle.  Follow the music to the castle gate. Inside the oil lamp-lit hall are graceful dancers turning in their long lace gowns amid swirls of fragrant incense smoke, entertaining the Sultan, his daughter and his royal court. Suddenly, guards run past, chasing after a young man, shouting, “It’s

 Aladdin! Stop him!” Despite the confusion, the Sultan rises to greet you and invites you to be his guest at a sumptuous candle-lit dinner. May this dream never end!


Don’t let the unique scenery of Wadi Al Mujib fools you. Bedouin robbers will surprise you  

In our way to Petra through the Kings High Way road, have a stop of Wadi Mujib, a precipitous canyon 1000 meters deep, guaranteed to set the mood for your visit.  The fort itself is a dark maze of stone-vaulted halls and endless passageway.  The robbers will attack the group by climbing the Wadi with high screaming, they will take from all the men their T. shirts and all the scarves or shawls from some women, then escapee back to the Wadi, -our guide he can do nothing-, the group Coordinator will offer the clients our Global Vision T. shirt & caps with logo then proceed to Petra via Kings High Way at Shoubak we will stop for coffee brake, every body will be surprised when they find their own T. shirts and scarves on the Bedouin tent bazaar for a big sale each one in One $ Dollar and all the waiters in the coffee shop are the same Bedouin robbers whom attacked them at Wadi Al Mujib

Some of the exciting highlights of the events are:-

  • Entertainment in the Desert Like Live Arabic Band, Folk Band, Belly Dance, Henna Lady, Calligrapher, Magician, Arabic Singer, Oud Player, D-J’s Service, Exclusive Bedouin Camp Site
  • Horse Riding
  • Lunch and Dinner in a Local Jordanian House
  • Marathon in the Desert
  • Shooting Competition
  • Special Interest
  • Team Building Activities
  • Theme Evenings
  • Arabian History and Culture
  • Arabian Night in the Desert
  • Archery
  • Beach Olympics
  • Bird Watching
  • City Treasure Hunt
  • Cocktail Cruise on the Traditional
  • Culture Tours
  • Desert Agricultural Farms
  • Desert Driving Lessons
  • Desert Treasure Hunt
  • Dinner at the Desert