Traditional Cooking with Locals

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Prepare a traditional meal of your choice with Sit Halima, a local lady who is an expert on both cooking and weaving! Satisfy your taste buds with mouth-watering food with an aroma that fills your heart and portion that absolutely fills your stomach.

What you’re going to do

What is better than preparing your own food and deciding on the ingredients you want to use? Doing all of that with a local who is well aware of the right elements to use!
Enjoy the welcoming atmosphere at Sit Halima's house and carefully watch how she handles the
cooking process professionally. Imitate her for a result you will be proud of. This is the time where
you can sharpen your cooking skills and learn about the secrets behind different Jordanian dishes
that you will definitely love and try making again on your own once hunger strikes.

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From: JOD 0,00

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