Amman – Ajloun – Jerash – Amman (Thu & Sat)

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Visit Ajloun Castle

There are many Jordan tour you might book from our website, including Ajloun trip, if you like to see Ajloun Castle or do Ajloun hiking, then book your trip in advance and plan your activity in Ajloun accordingly

Departure from JETT office Abdali  at 8:15 (Location)

Departure from JETT office 7th Circle at 8:45 (Location)

Return to Amman at 16:15

Discover the hidden treasures in the north of Jordan, and visit three of the most beautiful ancient cities in the country. Visit the imposing castle of Ajloun and see the Temple of Zeus in Jerash.

Admire the Ajloun Castle, re-built in 1184 by one of the generals of Saladin, on the site of an old monastery. The view from the castle extends on the Northern part of Jordan and offers and exquisite view of the fertile lands. At the ancient city of Jerash, the already populated city for more than 6500 which experienced its golden age under Roman rule. It is the best preserved site of Roman architecture outside of Italy. You can explore the South Gate, the Oval Plaza, the Temple of Zeus and the Southern Theater and stroll walk along the Cardo Maximus.

Jerash. The ruins of “Gerasa” are among the most extensive and well-preserved of any ancient city in the Middle East. Jerash is a must see for history lovers, with impressive ruins of the Roman city including a long colonnaded street and an ancient hippodrome for chariot races. The highlight of your stay in Jordan

Wander through its large theatres, temples, churches and colonnaded streets before continuing on to Amman.

The Amman – Ajloun- Jerash – Amman route runs Thursday and Saturday.

Optional Lunch as extra service at Artemis Restaurant Jerash – Open Buffet includes water and Soft Drinks


  • Dating back to the second century AD, Jerash is a spectacularly well-preserved provincial Roman city that was unearthed as recently as the 1920s. The main ruins, lying west of the Zarqa River, include the colonnaded street, the south and north theaters, the Temple of Zeus, and an oval piazza. Jerash also contains 14 churches with fine mosaics from the Byzantine era. Jerash is north of Amman, about halfway between Irbid and the capital, and is billed as one of the nation's top two attractions--the other being Petra.

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From: JOD 15,00
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  • Lunch in Jerash Artemis Rest.(JOD 17,00)


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