Wadi Rum – Aqaba (Daily)

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Departure at 19:00 from Wadi Rum Visitor Center (Location) Arrive Aqaba at 20:30


After a hot day walking the deserts of Southern Jordan, a visit to Aqaba, Jordan’s only coastal city alongside the Red Sea is needed. Famous for stunning underwater life, year-round warm weather, and water sports, Aqaba sets itself apart by offering visitors a unique local experience like no other.

The Wadi Rum – Aqaba route runs daily.

Return Locations:

Movenpick Tala Bay – Aqaba Diver’s Village – Aqaba JETT offices – Aqaba (Location)


  • Between Petra and Aqaba, a haunting, silent landscape of ancient riverbeds and pastel stretches of barren desert, is beautifully shattered by towering sandstone mountains and dramatic cliffs. Wadi Rum, a vast expanse of spectacular desert scenery, is--along with Petra--one of Jordan's most visited attractions. Here, semi-nomadic Bedouins living in goat's hair tents tend their herds of sheep much like their ancestors did thousands of years ago. Throughout Wadi Rum, a rich legacy of rock art depicting hunting scenes and cultic symbols provides a vivid testament to the Thamudic, Safaitic, Nabataean, Greek, and Arabic peoples who passed through or settled in the area. Wadi Rum is also the now mythical place where Lawrence of Arabia carried out his valiant exploits during World War I. Since there are no accommodations in Wadi Rum, the place is usually visited from Petra or Aqaba. This vast desert is a favorite with hiking and mountain-climbing fans.

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From: JOD 15,00


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